Corporate and Dedicated Internet Service:

Stargate Dedicated Internet Access delivers seamless access to Internet services such as e-mail, web browsing, and files transfer, e-Business and intranet applications to global businesses. Stargate currently boasts its own Fiber Optic network in Dhaka Metropoliton City. All the major POP’s are connected over Fiber Optic Link via multiple routes to ensure redundency. FibeNet’s optic fiber connectivity will be available right to the premise of the customer’s home or office. The following solutions are currently available to Stargate customers:

  • High Speed Internet over Fiber Optic Link.
  • Inter connectivity among different customer locations
  • Stargate offers offers bandwidths from 1Mbps to 1Gbps per port
  • Dedicated Internet service for single or multiple sites with desire bandwidth for each site.
  • Point to point fiber connectivity.
  • Point to Point Wireless connectivity at remote area.
  • Point to multi point fiber and wireless connectivity.
  • Redundant upstream for maximum stability
  • Uptime 99%.

A range of bandwidth are available to meet customer requirements with Guaranteed Committed Information Rate and is backed by 24 hour customer support and networking monitoring 7 days a week guaranteeing 99% uptime.

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